Webstorm 2018.3's debugger is too slow

I just updated 2018.3 from 2017.3, and wow... it's 10 times slow before!

when the debugger starts the editor or ui don't respond ever. just hang.

the cpu usage was 7% only at 2017.3, but now it hits 30%.

I develop games with cocos2-js, and there are alot of js files to load.

there are 1400 files and the sum of size is 17MB.

when the game starts, it should load all the js files,

and some of the game resources - image, txt, etc.


please fix it! I cannot use 2018.3 before the problem is solved.


I downgranded to 2017.3. So I cannot snap the cpu usage or do others.

but I found some logs so send to you.





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Looks similar to https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-36060 that is fixed in 2018.3.2.

Please try disabling Live Edit plugin in Settings | Plugins. Does it make things any better?


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