How to un-exclude a folder

One of my folders in my PHPStorm installation is stuck in `Excluded` state and I don't know how to fix that. 

When I search for something in my JavaScript code nothing is found. So I was doing an investigation and found out that the whole JS directory is Excluded. When I go to Settings > Directories I see that the Excluded state is on. I can switch this state for other directories. But I cannot change it for my JS directory. It is stuck and I don't know how to undo that. 

And also, if I exclude any other directory, it is added to the list on the right side of this settings. But not my JS directory, it is not there for some reason.

So my question is: How to un-exclude my JS folder so that I can search for code inside it?

I don't know if that is relevant, but I am using PHPStorm v2018.3.1 on Mac


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Hi, Pavel.
Check the available of excluded directory here

Tools -> Deployment -> Configuration -> Excluded Path

(on Win PHPStorm)

If found, remove it

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Hi Aleksandr, thanks for the reply.

The Tools settings doesn't seem to have the Deployment subsection on my PHPStorm:

I found Deployment in Build, but there is no configuration whatsoever:

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I have not found the answer there.

Specifically, because your link is talking about deployment. I don't care about deployment and I don't have it even configured as I stated before. 

I want my JS folder to be included in the search.

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Then I do not know, maybe the developers will answer

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That's probably because of webpack.config file. Check its output: { path: value.



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