Python process killed when interupting a command's execution.


This happens really frequently. Say, if I want to plot a really big dataframe, it'll take a while to perform. If I mistakenly executed that command, I want to interupt that task before it gets done. Then I send Interuption hitting ctrl+c. Normally, the execution should be stopped with the process alive,whereas, it's highly prossible Pycharm quits the python process.

This is very dangerous because all of the variables will be lost then. 

This symptom rarely happens on Spyder.This is Spyder interupting the same command as previously shown,with the python process alive in the end:

I'm using the newest Pycharm community edition on windows10. Any advice? Thanks



Could you please try using different interpreter and see if problem persists?

If doesn't help, please upload a sample project and idea.log (Help | Show Log in...) to zipped and let me know the name of that zip file.

Btw, when tried in Spyder, were you using the same interpreter as in PyCharm?


@Sergey Karpov

I was using the same interpreter as Pycharm in Spyder. Spyder is all fine.

Problem arises when trying to stop executing commands that take rather more time, like the one in this case, plotting a big dataframe, but it's not limited to this single scenario.

I uploaded the file "bug report.rar" just now. The dataframe is packed into a hdf, and importing commands are specified in the py file included.

 ps: It seems the forum doesnt have a reply to somebody function...this might cause missed info..



Works just fine on my side. Please remove idea.log, restart PyCharm, reproduce the problem and attached renewed idea.log.

Please provide a screenshot of your Run/Debug configuration as well.


After having a little search, it gives me the answer that this is caused by fortran compilers used by libs optimized for intel mkl. I added 'FOR_DISABLE_CONSOLE_CTRL_HANDLER': '1' to environment variables, then it's fine now.


Then another issue(irrelevant to the previous one) is found:

When I type these codes:




Then click 'view array' to check the variable dataOut, then there's an exception araised.. Furthermore, if you try changing the observing axis , pycharm will freeze completely after a little while. Tried both on community edition and professional counterpart.


Thanks for letting me know.

>Then click 'view array' to check the variable dataOut, then there's an exception araised..

This one?


yeah it is. by changing the axis of 'view array' box, it could freeze pycharm.

i've opened a ticket here, more details and logs included.


Thanks for your quick reply. Hope this will be fixed soon and now I could only jump to Spyder temporarily. So many bugs are encountered lately on my beloved IDE!!  :(( 


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