CMake Error


I want to use the library 'dlib' for a face recognition app in Pycharm, but when I try to install the package I get the following error:

'CMake Error: CMAKE_C_COMPILER not set, after EnableLanguage'.

I already installed CMake.

Can anyone help me solve this problem?




Please try to do "pip install dlib" outside of PyCharm, either globally or in virtual environment. Do you get the same error?


Tried to do it in the windows command line and got the following error: 


It appears this issue is not caused by IDE, since IDE just runs `pip install dlib` command in your environment. It can be caused by many reasons: missing library, version incompatibility between libraries, e.t.c., but anyways, it's related to pip package manager. I can say that I've reproduced the exact same error on my test machine, but don't have a solution yet.

As the most basic troubleshooting, please ensure you have cmake installed (pip install cmake), and that you have latest pip (python -m pip install --upgrade pip). After that run `pip install dlib` again.

If that doesn't help, I suggest seeking additional help in Python or stackoverflow communities, as someone might have encountered this issue already.


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