PHPStrom - Copy and Paste corrupting my stylesheets and html

Hey folks,

I am finding issues with PHPStorm corrupting my files. l've narrowed it down to the copy and paste functionality. I can copy WITHIN a stylesheet or an HTML page, but if I try to copy and paste from one sheet to another my code gets corrupted. This has occurred in both 2018.2 and 2018.3 versions.

I can copy an entire page in Windows and open it in Storm without issue, but creating a new sheet in Storm and copying code from an existing sheet into the new one corrupts the files and I can't even delete the new sheet or copied code to return to a stable state. I have to clear the cache and create a new project with my backups to have a usable project to work with.

I am working in Windows 8.1 on a Lenovo Thinkpad with 12gigs RAM.


How exactly does PhpStorm corrupt the file? It would be great if you could illustrate this. 

E.g. copy a file, then paste it into another file, then run Diff against those 2 files.


What I can say is that the file is corrupted in that my pages render in the browser with unexpected anomalies: layouts changed, images ghosting onto the page, etc. It has been unnerving. And I am not able to just 'remove' the suspect code snippets or even remove the entire stylesheet or html page, the corruption has gone deep into the PHPStorm cache, so I have to clear the cache, delete the corrupted files/pages/sheets and revert to a 'clean' backup copy of each page in the project.


I was wondering if it is still possible to share some examples as Dmitry asked.

If we could compare the original file with the corrupted one, it could help us to understand the pattern of corruption (if there is any) and find out why exactly does it happen. I think that scenario could be easily reproduced by copy/pasting code from some specific original file to the new and empty.


Thanks for understanding.


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