Syntax Highlighting in *.css does not work


I lost the syntax highlighting for all my *.css files. How can I fix that? All other files are working properly, just css files are not highlighted. 

I already spent about an hour to try fix it, but have not  find the problem.

Any idea?  

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What PyCharm version do you use - Professional or Community? Can you attach a screenshot that shows up the issue? When taking screenshots, please make sure that the editor tab with file icon is included so that I can see what icon .css files have

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Pycharm version:

Screenshot with css file:

If you would like to see settings also, please tell me which part.

Also the same issue is even when I create file as so New --> Stylesheet inside the sidebar menu.

Thanks for any help.


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Looks as if the *.css pattern is assigned to Text file type; please check file patterns in Preferences | Editor | File types -> Text file type - can you see .css there? Also, is CSS Support plugin enabled in Preferences | Plugins?

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looks like something overrode the CSS config. So *.css was detected as Text file instead CSS. Do not know how it's possible because I did not change anything there. 

Anyway now it works and that is important for me. 


Thank you for your help/assistance.






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