How to show missing file in VCS commit dialog


I am using SVN to manage my code.

I delete a file in File Manager, then I choose "Commit" in VCS menu.

But the commit dialog does not show the changes I have made. In TortoiseSVN, it shows an outside deleted file as "missing", but IDEA VSC just ignores the missing file.

It is possible to show "missing" file in IDEA VSC?



Does calling Refresh in the Local changes before opening Commit dialog?

Where is the deleted file located - is it in the project folder, or maybe in a neighbor folder?

What is the project structure? Where is SVN working copy root?


I have tried to click "Refresh File Status" before opening Commit dialog, but the missing files are still not shown.

The deleted files are in the project folder.

The project is a typical Gradle project, I downloaded it from here: 

I check all the files in the project into my SVN, and delete some source file like below image:

Above 3 files marked as "!" means missing in my SVN client. But these deleted files are not shown in Commit dialog.


Missing and Deleted are two different statuses in SVN. There is indeed an issue with missing files - see

If you call svn delete for those, they will be correctly listed as deleted.

BTW, how did you delete them so they became Missing?


I deleted them in File Manager.


Why in a File manager and not via IDE or SVN client? If files get proper deleted status in svn, they will show up in the IDE.

Please vote for the mentioned issue


It is just my habit because I used to use Tortoise SVN, which is integrated with Windows Explorer(File Manager).

Besides, I also use Rider in a Unity3d project, it is very common that I need to delete a file in Unity Editor, because Unity Editor would also delete the related Meta file. Or I need to delete a resource file which is even not shown in the C# project. Then I want to use the SVN plugin of Rider to commit all the changes. 

But I cannot, because the SVN plugin of Rider cannot show any missing file.



Thanks for the clarification and the comment in the ticket. Please follow it for updates.


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