Unnecessary comment block

Hello JetBrains,

Could you please explain how I can fold only methods and not comments in PyCharm? Specifically, here's a screenshot.

I don't want a comment block for multi-line comment in highlighted rectangle. Moreover, these comment blocks randomly appear for folding and unfolding. I don't want this. I want only method names or code blocks to be folded or unfolded. I'd appreciate any help or thoughts. 




There's no way to disable comment folding globally, but PyCharm remembers the folding state of each fold, so you shouldn't have to worry about comment blocks folding or unfolding on their own.

If you experience any issue or unexpected behavior with folding, which can be reproduced, please let me know.


Thanks Andrey. Can you please create a feature that would allow us to choose whether to fold the comment globally? This feature is very annoying to me, and I am unsure about its utility.


Please feel free submit a feature request to our issue tracker using the link https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/PY

That said, can you please describe the use case for this feature? As I mentioned, PyCharm does not toggle the folding automatically, and it remembers the last folding state, so if you just avoid folding the comments, they will stay unfolded. Or, are you folding huge selections and comments are also get captured by it?

If you're going to request a feature, please describe in detail how does it affects you and now this feature could improve your workflow, this way it has a better chance of approval.


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