Adding all bundled plugins *.jar into Classpath when creating new IntellyJ Platform Plugin SDK

Why bundled plugins *.jars don't automatically added to Classpath when creating new `IntellyJ Platform Plugin SDK`? 

In my case, after creating new `IntellyJ Platform Plugin SDK` I'm adding Intellij-community sources cloned from GitHub. As a result, I can easily browse through the Idea source.

But when I search for implementations or usages of some Idea classes/interfaces sometimes I'm guided to a bundled plugin, which source is visible through Find dialog but not navigatable from the Project panel.

Example: searching for usages of `PomService.convertToPsi()` lead me to `XmlPropertiesReferenceContributor` which is part of `properties` bundled plugin. Only manual adding properties.jar to Classpath give me the ability to navigate through its source.

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This is intended, since many plugins actually don't need to use any functionality from bundled plugins. By having to specify required plugins explicitly in SDK (and corresponding <depends> in plugin.xml) the resulting classpath is smaller and clearly defined.

If you just want to browse all sources it's probably easiest to open IJ Community project in parallel to your plugin project.

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