Need to set up project interpreter everytime

I have searched all possible places but cant seem to figure out. Every time i open a new session Pycharm will ask me to set up the interpreter. I have searched Stack Overflow, Pycharm community and other but no reasonable solution. Request to please assist. I am a newbie so may be i am missing a basic step. 

Also due to this the print statement does not print the output and shows the command has run successfully with message - "Process finished with exit code 0".

i am using 2018.3.1. 

The path for the interpreter is : c:\Users\51613014\AppData\Local\Programs\Python37-32\python.exe

I am picking the file for this location : C:\New folder\D Drive Data\Shivi\Python\Python Notes & Scripts\PyCharm\Test1

Thanks, Shivi

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PyCharm will ask you to select interpreter every time you create a new project. Is this what you mean by opening a new session? Please clarify.

Please provide the code sample which didn't print the statement, your interpreter configuration screenshot, and your run/debug configuration screenshot. I'll take a look at what could be wrong.

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Hi Andrey


Thats true. Every time i open a new session it will ask for the interpreter everytime. I had already set it once and i was thinking that it will not ask for it again. Please advice if this is not correct. 

The print error was because of the incorrect working directory. I had set it up again and it is working fine. 

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Hi, It is true that you only need to set up the interpreter once for your project, but when you create a new project, you have to select the interpreter for this project. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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