Scss files in custom scopes

PHPStom can smartly group *.css and * files under related *.scss file in project window.

However, the above works only in "Project" scope. Other scopes, eg. "Project Files" or any custom scope, show the structure like this:

Here, I can't fold temporary css files under parent scss file. Is it even possible to group files like in "Project" scope in custom scopes?





No, it's not possible. Now only "Project" tab is capable of customizing project tree (e.g. changing file parent or adding virtual nodes). This is intentional, as it is important that files/folders tree in Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Scopes is shown exactly as it is stored on disk. Otherwise it may be tricky to understand what is included in scope when you select individual files. Also parent -> child relations may change from time to time.


If you don't like to see .css/.map files, just filter them out in your scope settings


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