Pycharm - External Libraries don't exist in DJango proyect with Docker

Hi, the other day I upgrade my Professional Pycharm IDE  (2017.03 to 2018.3) and now I can run my proyect, but the external libraries -> remote librarias are not the same and the imports does not work.

Version 2017.03

Version 2018.3

I have the same configuration in the both environments, the docker images are the same... I tried adding more project interpreters in the remote docker compose, but I cant, the button is disabled.

I need the usr/lib, etc....

Anyone know what might by happening?

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Do you see any errors related to import of modules?

The way PyCharm 2018 looks for the libraries may be a bit different from 2017. If it didn't find the libraries you need automatically, you can add them manually from the interpreter settings, see the screenshot for example:


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