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Is it possible for the Python installation files to be installed on a NAS? If the answer is yes, can different computers, which have access to the NAS, be able to access a project if it's created on the NAS - Project Location, Environment Location, and Environment Base Interpreter?

The reason why I asked is because I went ahead and installed Python on my Synology NAS.  Then, I created a project where I pointed it to a location on the NAS, along with the Environment Location and Base Interpreter, but the Interpreter failed to create.

The goal of mine is to have all my Python files and projects on the NAS, that way I can access them from any computer on my network that is using the PyCharm IDE.

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Which file access protocol are you using on NAS? If you're using UNC paths and you can map a network drive, technically it's possible to store Python interpreter along with the project files on that drive, but this is not recommended solution and will likely cause significant performance issues. You can try though.

For the purpose of having the same interpreter, environment and project across multiple computers, I would suggest to setup a Linux server and use remote interpreter functionality of PyCharm.


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