How to remove white box around uncompleted statement

When I click on an uncompleted statement it shows a white box around it any way to disable it? Shows the same box when I click on def.


Which version of PyCharm are you using? Do you use any custom theme plugins? By default it should look like this in the latest version of PyCharm:


Hey Royberg,

I had the same problem, it's because there is a bordered effect for "identifier under caret".

here is the solution :

Preferences -> Editor -> Color Scheme -> General.

Then :

"Code" -> "identifier under caret" and uncheck "Effects"

"Code" -> "identifier under caret (write)" and uncheck "Effects"

You can also customise it, but I prefer without anything.

ps : My Scheme is "Darkside Contract (rainglow)"



in Rider this was under Editor -> Color Scheme -> General -> Code -> Outlined Entity


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