How to debug Unreal when it shutdowns and relaunchs?

There is a bug in Unreal, which I'm trying to step through, that is only triggered when choosing a project for the first time from the project browser. The engine needs to recompile the project for the current engine build, but if the engine is run from a terminal the engine believes it is running on a headless server and kills the process instead. Now, if I launch the Unreal Engine debug build, from clion, I cannot trigger the bug, as the debugger does not allow Unreal to start back up a second time.

I suppose I could try launching the engine from a command prompt, and then attach to the process when the engine starts back up again.  The only problem with this is I do not have nearly enough time to manually choose the process before the bug gets triggered.

How could I auto attach to a process on Linux? Are there any other options for dealing with this?

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Fixed my issue by running Unreal with the .uproject passed in as an argument at startup.

In a broader sense is there anyway to allow applications that shutdown and start backup again to not end the debugging session during the first shutdown? Maybe, something that allows the debugger to transfer to the new process id immediately. (I'm guessing Unreal starts back up with a different PID.)


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