WebStorm, Meteor and phone tests

Hello, I am developing a web application with Meteor and WebStorm as IDE.

This application can be called from a PC, a tablet or a phone, which does not pose a problem of execution since it is called in the browser. On the other hand problems appear, which are due to the size of the screen and the positioning portrait or landscape.

To test, a solution is to deploy the app, open it in the phone browser and see what works or does not work. A bit heavy ...

Is there a method to test a web application on a device connected to the development PC, through WebStorm, can be with an added package, or with another tool.

I also asked this question on "stack overflow" to increase my chances of answers.

Any leads or ideas would be welcome. Thank you for your answers



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WebStorm doesn't provide a ny support for running Meteor apps on device, and I'm not aware of any plugins for this


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