Webstorm debugger breakpoint not working

I tried debugging using a webstorm but it had problems when using a breakpoint. Breakpoint only gives a small check in the right corner but does not turn green when executed as usual. I use babel in the project.

can any one help me?



The screenshot shows that source files are resolved from sourcemaps (thus the checkmarks), but (likely) wrong positions are returned, so actual lines can't be mapped to the lines in source files. Must be a problem with inaccurate sourcemaps. Can you share a project I can use to recreate the issue?


i use node v.10.15.0 and latest webstorm version.

can i share just snippet project?

this is my code snippet that i paste to repl.it, folder structure & sourcemap file are same



No, sorry, this won't work. I need a runnable project (including all configuration files, etc. used for building) the issue can be recreated with


Can i sent you email ? i'll attach my project


I prefer not to publish my email here, sorry:( You can create a support ticket ( https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=66731 ) and attach a project to it to make siure it's not disclosed


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