Find usages not working across typescript modules in yarn workspaces

I'm using Intellj Idea Ultimate 2018,3.2 and I'm having trouble getting Find Usages and refactor to work across modules. I have set up an example yarn workspaces project containing a few typescript modules. If I do Find Usages or refactorings such as rename, I only get usages in the declaring module. Go To Declaration works correctly across modules.

example project:


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JavaScript/Typescript usages are not found accross IDEA modules boundaries - this is expected... Each IDEA module is isolated, and files from different modules are not visible unless explicitly added to module dependencies.

However your setup doesn't work when using a single module as well... Seems that Typescript language service (tsserver) can't correctly handle this configuration (lerna+yarn workspaces+Typescript 3.0 project references), as I can see similar errors/issues when opening your project in the most recent VSCode version (no completion/usages navigation, Tsserver errors on imports):

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I've got a similar problem but I don't want to refactor accross modules.

I'm wondering if following behaviours is expected:

I've got 3 typescript classes: 2 of them have an ID and those id's are both used inside the third class.

If i press alt + F7 onto an id-declaration of one of those two classes with an id. Intellij makes more or less just a case-sensitiv text-search over all files and it shows me all usages for id.


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can you share a sample project/files that can be used to recreate the issue?


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