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I have javascript project which contain front-end and back-end folders. Each of those folders holds different eslint config file. Problem is that I cannot setup Webstorm to auto detect eslint for current folder. Is that possible or not? As I can see, it can be set only one eslint per project which makes Webstorm unusable for javascript full-stack development. Is there any workaround?

In Languages and Frameworks > Javascript > Code Quality Tools > ESLint > "ESLint package" points to eslintrc file in back-end folder. "Configuration file" is set to Automatic search option.

When I open file from front-end folder it did not apply lint from it's eslintrc, but from back-end folder. There is an error which shows that it search for plugin in back-end node_modules eslint folder instead of front-end one.

This means that "WebStorm first looks for a .eslintrc or package.json in the folder with the file to be linted, then in its parent folder, and so on up to the project root" is not working

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It's working if you have a single ESLint installation in your project. But you have multiple one - this is not currently supported. Please follow https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-25561 for updates


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