Use same color settings in two (or more languages)


I am using IntelliJ Ultimate for multiple languages, running a separate instance of IntelliJ for each language.

I have Javascript code and color settings the way I want them (those which are set in Editor>Color Scheme>Javascript).

I have recently imported an Actionscript project, and would like to simply reuse all my custom Editor>Color Scheme>Javascript settings, in the Actionscript project, without having to manually set them. 

Is it possible to export/import my customized Javascript colors for use in Actionscript files? Or manually copy & modify the Javascript color settings file (if I can locate it)?

When I go to Editor>Color Scheme>Javascript, and export, I only see the option to export the entire color scheme (such as "default" or "Darkula").



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It's not possible, request is welcome at


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