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Hi, I've added some completions for my project-specific feature. Now, I'm trying to write a test for it, however it looks like neither my plugin nor PHP plugin is loaded.


class CpqHandlerCompletionTest : LightCompletionTestCase() {
fun testCompletion() {
configureByFile("CpqCompletionOldMethodTestData.php") // I expect to load php file here
// but in fact, LightPlatformCodeInsightTestCase.myFile.fileType has "Plain Text" type

The fact that loaded file is "Plain Text" lead me to the idea, that Php plugin wasn't loaded. I tried to put some exceptions in my plugin initialisation and nothing happened (I expected test failure with my exceptions).

Can anyone guide me how to debug this issue please?

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Sorry for bothering, guys. I realised my problem.

PhpStorm is only loaded with Idea Ultimate. When I set IU version for dependencies it started perfectly working.

So the problem was fixed by setting in gradle.properties

ideaVersion = IU-2018.3

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