Filewatcher doesn't show new files

For whatever reason, when I run a filewatcher its not showing the changes as expected.

You can see in the image its does the job but yet it doesn't show in phpstorm, ( latest version )

Closing storm and reopening makes no difference in the fileview

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Hi there,

1. As far as I see it from your screenshot, it actually works.

Do you want to see template.min.css file? If so -- expand template.css in Project View panel (the triangle next to the file name) -- minified file will be nested under the parent node (just like bootstrap.min.css is).

Nesting rules (what you have there are default ones) are configured from Project View panel settings -- you may remove such nesting if you do not like it.


2. Your File Watcher is not properly configured. I mean, it must be working (optimizes/minifies your file) .. but "Output paths to refresh" is not configured properly (IDE does not see file changes as soon as file watcher is done running).

AFAIK that filed must point to a specific file(s) and not a folder.

For example: "$FileNameWithoutExtension$.css:$FileNameWithoutExtension$" -- this covers both generated file.css and for my SCSS File Watcher. For you it would be just $FileNameWithoutExtension$.min.css (from what I see).

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AHA!  Thank you!  I wasn't expecting it to be nested.  That output paths is very confusing cause its not what you would think it would be.


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