Code completion is broken / unreadable suggestions

I have a very strange problem with code completion for month now. The code completion suggestions are just mixed up letters. If I select one suggestion the correct word is written in the editor. I have invalidated the caches several times - no cure.




Do you have any custom plugins installed (Material UI?)? Also, what fonts are selected in Settings | Editor | Font and Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance?


The font is the problem. I use Soure Code Pro and it is corrupted. There are several styles and some have stange names like Qmspac.... as shown in the picture.

I uninstalled it from Windows 10 but it is still available in Webstorm under a different strange name. I have no idea where WebStorm gets the fonts from. Any idea how to get rid of the deinstalled font?


Known issue, please see and linked tickets

Unfortunately Source Code Pro is bundled, so you can't remove it completely; we have a request for unbundling it, Please follow it for updates


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