New Laravel project, pop-up prompting to run yarn on package.json when I'm using composer

I have no reason to use yarn, I'm already using composer, the project is just Laravel for an API (not a web interface).

I'm not seeing how to use composer instead of yarn the way PHPStorm is suggesting here:

There's one place yarn exists in settings, and I really don't need it for anything.

composer has a lot of different search results in the editor, so am I wrong in assuming I can set it up for this project to use composer instead of yarn?

I just want to automate or utilize this in the editor as much as possible to keep me from switching to command-line or the built-in terminal... is it all configurable in settings or are there other manual steps I should take?

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yarn install command/feature is for the package.json.

composer install command/feature is for composer.json

Just open composer.json & you should see basic controls at the top of the editor area. Please see also

You can dismiss the "Run 'yarn install'" message by clicking "Don't ask again" button next to it

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OK thank you, I didn't realize package.json was only for yarn.

So from my other posts, is there a pop-up like the yarn one for composer? It seems some automation could be done there if so.


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