How to upload files to FTP after merge commit?

I was looking for an option to upload files after no fast forward merge has been done. I found some work around here: but I don't know what should I click to open such window. I also don't want to use merge with no-commit and then just committing with auto-upload from parent branch.

Good option for me would be just right clicking on VCS log and select: upload this revision to server. How can achieve that or something similar?



This issue isn't addressed yet & there are no workarounds but this one: 

Because you can always go to the changes view, select a revision, then select a folder and then instead of using the requested right-click menu (see screenshot) just use a keymapping for upload. Works perfectly.


Yes, I was trying to find that view with an option of selecting something and uploading it. The changes view which is shown in VCS tab hasn't got such option.


Oh, indeed. This option was added but later removed (there were some issues with it):

So, both issues are currently not addressed & there are no workarounds, sorry to say this.


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