Add subAction into the main action of the plugin


Hey There, 

I would like to ask how can I add some sub actions into the main action of my plugin. 

if I want to give you a clear Idea about what I speak about to consider the following picture:

now I want to create two plugins in order to add some other features into the generate option like add button, add layout, ... , but I want to add that into the highlighted option inside the picture (subaction)

Is it possible to do this? 

thank you in advance 

Official comment

You can add your custom Actions to group ID "GenerateGroup".

If I add the custom actions to the aforementioned group ID it will add as a separate action. I had one plugin inside this group ID and now I would like to add my new plugins as a subgroup of the previous one. 

Generate mainActivity
      add button 
      add layout

I don't know if you got my point or not? 



Group both actions from the two plugins into a new ActionGroup and add the ActionGroup to "GenerateGroup" instead should work.


Hi, I have another question regarding the plugin GUI. I am not a person with a strong programming background so I'm sorry if my question can be simple

1- I would like to ask if it is possible to design a welcome page for a GUI and then based on the user selection on the first GUI redirect the user into another GUI?

2- I would like to ask if it is possible to implement the following scenario within the GUI and if yes can you refer me to some material that I can take a look at?

Inside the plugin GUI, I have different questions that the answer to this question will change the next upcoming questions (like a questionnaire). For example, if the user's answer to the first question is yes, then I will have a different question wrt to the condition if the answer is no. 

Thank you in Advance 




All of this is quite possible. Please take a look at package com.intellij.ui.wizard.


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