find window automatically pastes content


Since some days I have a problem with different IntelliJ products on OSX (Idea, GoLand, RubyMine). Whenever I open a search window (CMD-Shift-F) they automatically paste a certain text into the input field (and claim that it is not found, of course). Then I have to manually remove it (CMD-A, Delete). This is not much of an effort but it bothers me more and more.

I am not sure wether this behaviour could come from an OS Clipboard Manager (I think I have experimented with such tools some weeks ago) or if there is a plugin or setting in the IntelliJ tools which might have installed/changed by accident? It is always the same string which is pasted - which shows up nowhere in my clipboard history. It happens to only (but all of) the IntelliJ IDEs I am using.

Any idea how to get rid of it or even debug this behaviour is welcome. 


Hi. Sounds like, please try workarounds from the ticket.


Thanks, that was exactly my problem - my PGP key was added to the search form.


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