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When working with Rails I have to jump between a model and the database definition to determine what attributes the model has. Is there a window that shows a model's attributes based on the database columns? Preferably this would include inherited attributes as well.

I would think the Structure view would provide this, but it does not. 

Also, why does the Structure view not provide a way to sort or filter based on type (method, @, class, etc)?

The Rails Model Dependency Diagram almost provides this information, but it is for the entire project. is there a way to have it show only the current model?


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For the atom editor, there is a plugin that provides the model schema view: https://atom.io/packages/rails-model-schema

Hopefully RubyMine has something similar.

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unfortunately at the moment it's not possible but we have a similar request on our tracker so please take a look at it and add your vote in case you find it related:


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