Pycharm does not startup after recent windows update

I am using the PyCharm Community Edition version from October' 2018 installed on my system. After a recent windows update, this has stopped running. I uninstalled this and updated to the latest release (2018.3.3) but it still doesn't work. Dies as soon as it starts up.


Any help/pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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This is most likely an issue with Java installation. Do you know where the JRE/JDK is installed in your system? You can specify it for PyCharm manually using the following guide:

Keep in mind x86/x64 compatibility.

Also, you can start by running PyCharm from the command line (bin/pycharm.bat) which may give you a hint at what is wrong.


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That was exactly the problem!

The tip about starting it from command line was great!

I suspect the windows updates messed my prior java settings.

After I updated to the latest available java version pycharm works.

Thank you very much for the quick response!!


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