Pasting into terminal causes carriage return

When pasting into the PyCharm terminal, there is a carriage return automatically added. THIS IS VERY BAD. If I'm pasting strings as part of commands but need to add flags, then it can cause great damage to my git branches and source control. 

How can I make this optional?

I'm on a Mac.


Hi, I couldn't reproduce this behavior (no new line after pasting). Do you get this issue regardless of what you paste? Also, is the behavior different in system terminal?


It seems to be only git commands and only in one scenario based on how I copy the string. If I copy the text right to left in TextEdit and then paste, then it doesn't happen.  If I copy the text left to right (even stopping at the last character) then the carriage return happens.


Does it behave the same way in your system terminal? I mean outside of PyCharm? 


No, there is no carriage return in the Mac terminal



Carriage return is usually added when doing a multi-line paste. Some editors make it easy to accidentally capture the start of a second line in a selection without noticing. I don't know if that is what happening in your case, since you're saying that the issue is not reproduced in other terminals, only in PyCharm.

Can you record a short video/gif demonstrating the issue?


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