Cocoa Touch framework with Cocoapods in Workspace causes "Duplicate Interface Definition"


I have a workspace set up with cocoapods. Within this workspace i have my app, and a bunch of extensions. I have just managed to move common code out into a framework, and managed to set everything up with cocoapods. It builds and deploys fine in XCode, but in Appcode i get "duplicate interface definition" errors when i try to run it.

I am pretty sure it's because my framework is a cocoa pod, that my targets use as a pod in my podfile. This means that the classes in my framework also exist within the target directory for cocoapods (in the /Pods/Headers/Public and -Private directories.) Appcode seems not to realize that these are the same files.

Xcode seems to understand this fine, but i'd like to continue working in Appcode. Is there anything i can do about this?


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Hi Mathias,

Which AppCode version are you using? Could you submit a sample project and a couple of screenshots that would demo the issue to our tracker? (visibility can be restricted to `appcode-developers' group, if needed)

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