Best way to manage a project synced via FTP / Git repo, in multiple locations


Hi everyone!

I'm very fall in love with PhpStorm (I'm an ex NETBeans users); but to made a perfect environment for my purpose, I have to get some ideas / configurations to make my project works in every place I work in.

Here's a little example of what I need:

I have my website where I'm the only one where I works every day, but I have to coding in different places: home, office, on train, etc. So I have multiple devices where I have to work, my office laptop, my home laptop and my home desktop.

For now, I have only one project in only device, where the working process, the office one, is: Coding > Save > [File watchers (LESS, SASS, etc)] > Auto-deployment on a FTP server; and at the end of the task: .git commit and .git push.

I use a private repository only for syncing and backup purpose. 

What's my target? When I come back to home, I have to .git pull down from the repository and continuing to work as well as I been in the office: open my website project on PHPStorm (after the pulling the repo), Coding > Save > [File watchers (LESS, SASS, etc)] > Auto-deployment on a FTP server; and at the end of the task: .git commit and .git push; and so on.

The first project I opened, it was a New project from existing files, with files accessible via FTP. 

The second project that I will open on another place, how will it be? If I recreate a project with remote files, I have to re-download them from the remote source, and if I open a new empty project, I don't know how to use the same configurations of the original project.

Obviously, I have to maintain the same configurations (CSS compiling, compression, but also code editor settings, and so on).

What's the best way to do something like that? I have already installed Toolbox, but I think it's useless in this case.

Any ideas or configuration will be appreciate!


Thank you,


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Are you planning to re-download the whole project anyway or you're planning to just plug in usb, copy the project & try to sync this with remotes?

Anyway I would go with "VCS > Checkout from Version Control". This would clone a git repo of your project.

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Hi Dmitry, thanks for the reply.
I'm planning to re-download the project from the .git with SourceTree, for example, then synchronize it with the remote server.

If I use "Checkout from Version Control", then, how can I sync the project with the remote server?


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If you're about to use "Checkout from version control", you can then:

1. just add a deployment configuration at Tools > Deployment > Configuration

2. adjust path mappings there at "Mapping" tab

3. right click a project root > Deployment > Sync with deployed to...


This should open a Sync menu that would compare local & remote files. There will be an option to download (sync) differences if any.

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Thanks! It's seems to work very well!

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You're welcome :)



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