Migrating IDE settings from one JetBrains account to another

Is there a way to migrate the IDE settings synced and stored on an JetBrains account to another account.

I have 2 JetBrains accounts, personal and corporate. My main one was the personal so all my IDE settings are synced and stored there. Now I'm switching to a corporate account and I'd like to migrate the settings (since there are many changes from the default ones) but I don't seem to find a way for that. I can't export anything when I'm using my personal account and the sync is enabled. And when I disable sync the settings are reverted back to the default state so I can't even copy those into my new account.

Have anyone faced such issue? And if there is a way to solve this, please let me know.

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Thanks for clarification, I'd rather wait for the proper fix, as from the comment it seem that the workaround doesn't transfer all the settings.


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