AppCode vs CLion (another one)


Hi there, just starting with Swift (mostly for CLI and Server support with Vapor) and after getting a great response on my previous question on Package Manager support, I decided to try CLion for Swift.

I just need to make a decision on which IDE to invest, and it's a bit confusing for someone starting.

It looks like AppCode is the answer if you want to build UI things (iOS, tvOS) and CLion is a cross platform alternative. So far so good. But it seems that appcode has some nice features not supported by the swift CLion plugin.

For instance I could not find a way to manage tests with CLion on the same way that AppCode allows you to run individual test methods (like we are used to do in Kotlin and Junit Suites for instance)

Am I missing something obvious on CLion here? And if not, is there a plan to merge those features?

Thank you

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testing support in CLion Swift plugin indeed lacks the ability to run individual tests. However, good news is this feature is currently in progress, and we'll do our best to include it in 2019.1 release.

Meanwhile feel free to watch/upvote this issue:

Please let me know if there is anything else I could help you with.


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