Javascript runtime error on running app


I have been using rvm , ruby and rails on my ubuntu 18 machine without any problems. i installed a fresh copy of rubymine 2018 and interestingly on launching a  project in rubymine I get the "Could not find a JavaScript runtime" error. I do have node and npm installed and the project launches fine on terminal on $ rails s

Including a snap here:


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How does it go in case you add therubyracer gem to the Gemfile?

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No change in result. However, if I launch rubymine from the terminal then I do not get the error and app launches from the green run button fine. 

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Olga Kuvardina, I'm having the same issue.

It worked when I installed the "therubyracer" gem, but it should be working without installing this gem, right? Because I can run what I want in the terminal without having this problem or installing gems.


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