How can I get data from DragSourceDropEvent

I have a JTree and I decide to add a DragSourceListener by createDefaultDragGestureRecognizer, implements the method dragDropEnd,When I drag  one node on the tree and drop it in another place ,I can not get the draged data,also the dragDropEnd method called many times, Is there any way I can get the data and make it called one time.


Please post the full sources.



My purpose is to drag a note from a tree,When I drop it successful,It should trigger a override method dragDropEnd.
Here is the code:
Create a new class JTreeDragDrop and implements the interface
public class JTreeDragDrop implements DragGestureListener {
     public JTreeDragDrop(JTree tree) {
     DragSource source = DragSource.getDefaultDragSource();
     source.createDefaultDragGestureRecongnizer(tree, DnDConstants.ACTION_COPY_OR_MOVE,this);
     source.addDragSourceListener(new DragSourceListener() {

         public void dragDropEnd (DragSourceEvent e) {
             // Object o = e.getDragSourceContext().getTransferable();
            if (e.getDropSuccess()) {


import this class,use the constructor and transfer the parameter like

JTreeDragDrop dragDrop = new JTreeDragDrop(tree) // JTree tree



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