Location directory is not empty, using pycharm on two different computers (same project)


Im syncinc my code files between two different PC's using Google Drive.

If I edit them from home for example everything is ok.

However if I try to edit my code from my laptop it will say "No interpreter" is configured for this project.

If I try to add the interpreter (python 3.7) it will complain: Location directory is not empty

The workaround is to delete the venv directory then set the interpreter.

However this is not ideal, because it means when I want to work on my home PC again, Ill have to do this all over again.

How can I fix this, so that the IDE doesnt complain about non empty venv folders when I switch PC;s.

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Is your OS Windows? If yes, then I think your venv is stored inside of your project, which is why PyCharm claims that directory is not empty. The solution is to choose a different venv location or, when configuring interpreter on your laptop, choose the existing venv.

Working with Google Drive isn't supported officially and not recommended to do. The reason is that PyCharm needs instant access to your project files to provide code completion, inspections etc. with the minimum delay, but files located on some network drive (or Google Drive) will take time to be transferred.

Best practice is to deploy your project files to remote machine or use VCS.


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