SQL Highlighting in SQL file insert

Hi everyone,

Hoping you can help me with this. I saw on a friends installation of PhpStorm the other day that when she was editing an insert SQL statement within a SQL file, the corresponding column names were highlighted as she moved through the "values" section of the insert.

I would really like for this to happen on my version of PhpStorm but as yet, I don't seem to have found the correct setting. Can anyone please point me in the correct direction?



I am sorry for the probably obvious question but what version of PhpStorm do you have installed currently?

Also, it would be fantastic if you could share a screenshot of the desired behaviour.


Version : 2018.3.3

On the screenshots, you can see where the cursor is on the second one. On the first one, the cursor was in the "email" section of "insert into user(id, email) values".

(hope this makes sense)


It really should work out of the box.

Please try using this query:

INSERT INTO sometable (path, name, name2, name3, name4)
VALUES ('one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'five'),
  ('one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'five');

And set the SQL dialect to MySQL, for instance.

Would it not do the trick for you?



...It must be my colour scheme then :(

Do you know if there is a setting which controls the colour of this highlight? (I suspect that it's being highlighted in black, on a black background)


Found it! (I think)

Settings > Editor > Color Scheme > General

identifier under carat & identifier under carat (write)

set the background (I had it as black)

Thanks for your help though :)


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