After a PyCharm professional update, the ability to run Python interpreters inside of Docker containers seems to have been removed


I've just updated to the newest version of PyCharm Professional using the JetBrains toolbox.

In the previous version, there was an option to add a Python interpreter inside of a Docker image or one configured via Docker-Compose. These were the last two options in the "Add Python Interpreter" dialogue box.

After the upgrade, these two options are missing. I can still see the remainder of options: Virtualenv Environment, Conda, System Interpreter, Pipenv, SSH and Vagrant. 

I've already tried clearing the settings. I can see that both the Remote Python and Docker plugins are installed. I'm running on OSX.


Rolling back to PyCharm Professional 2018.2.x fixes this problem. It's a shame to have to use an older version, but this definitely does seem to be a bug in the newest version of the IDE.


Ooops - I figured this out. A synchronized setting was causing the "docker-python" plugin to disable.


What was the synchronized setting Salim? I think I'm having the same issues.

My docker plugin is enabled but are you using a different 'docker-python' plugin?


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