MacOS find in path shortcut control+shift+F doesn't work for me


I use default MacOS keymaps for IntelliJ on MacOS(Mojave), I can't activate "Find in path" dialog, but I can activate "Replace in path" dialog by control + shift + R, I don't know why control + shift + F doesn't work,


Cmd+Shift+F is for Mac OS X 10.5+ keymap. You can try invoking this shortcut and check what action is found for it:

or check what shortcut is assigned to particular action in Preferences | Keymap dialog. What do you have there for Find in Path action?


If I switched to MacOS 10.5+ keymap profile, I can activate "Find in path" dialog by "Cmd + Shift + F", actually I hope use XWin or MacOS keymap profile, because of I used several years XWin profile before, I have no idea why control + shift + R works for "Replace in path", but "Find in path" doesn't work.

"Find in path" shortcut is set to default MacOS profile (control + shift + F)


>I have no idea why control + shift + R works for "Replace in path", but "Find in path" doesn't work.

You could have redefined it. Check which shortcut is assigned to these actions for each keymap.


Thanks Andrey, I found the root cause of this issue: I installed an input method software, it registered Control-Shift-F as a shortcut of switch input method mode, but even when I use system default input method, this shortcut is still used by that software, I think that's not a good practice, so after I disabled this shortcut in that software, I can activate "Find in path" by Control-Shift-F.


I encountered exactly the same issue and I think this might be a common issue for Chinese user: Sougou Chinese inputter binds control-shift-f to switching on/off traditional Chinese input. If you encountered the same problem first check your Sougou keybindings. 


Hc626 Thank you so much.

For me, ctrl + shift + D and ctrl + shift + F are both blocked by 搜狗输入法. Took days to solve.


Why in the hell after updating from 2019 to 2020 it stopped working! It's just ugly!


Net Kostya

Do other Cmd+Shift+... shortcuts work for you? Make sure the keymap scheme is the same as you used in 2019.

If you open the File | Settings | Keymap window, click on the 'Find Actions by Shortcut' button next to the search field, and press Cmd+Shift+F, will the IDE recognize it? Are there any other actions this shortcut is assigned to?

Do you have any keyboard management software installed (like Punto Switcher)? Make sure the shortcut is not grabbed by this or any other software.


Arina Efremova
Just downgraded to 2019
No time to solve what we like to have solved for us


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