Missing Export/Import settings in PhpStorm

I can't seem to find the options to Import and Export IDE settings in PhpStorm anymore.

They are not in the File menu, the double Shift (action) menu displays them but when I select them nothing happens.

Other IDEs like PyCharm, CLion etc. still have them, PhpStorm does not.

Please don't tell me that these options have been removed! It was the only way for me to reliably sync specific options between PhpStorm as the primary IDE and all other IDEs.


I finally found out what's going on.

If the cloud IDE settings syncing is turned on (I have no idea how that happened) the dedicated Export/Import options simply get removed from the File menu and stop working if they are invoked through the actions (double Shift) menu.

Disabling cloud sync made them available again.


Thanks for the update!

In fact, this behaviour is discussed in the following YouTrack thread:



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