Console color



When I run an external tool, the console shows no colors

This screenshot shows the difference between the console and the terminal

Is there a solution/workaround?



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External tools cponsoledoesn't currently support colored output, as not all ANSI sequences can be interpreted (related ticket:

I'd suggest using NPM or Node.js run configurations for running cypress tests. Node.js run console supports colors

1. with NPM





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Thank you Elena, I used the external tools because they allow a keyboard shortcut to be configured

Anyway, I will follow your suggestion and use this plugin for better usability


Thank you, I appreciate your support

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a similar/related question but, using Java/Spring boot app.

I can't find what provides the coloring as shown in this sample screenshot..  

Mine is only shown in B/W like below...


EDIT: Apologies, I just noticed this is the webstorm section.. I'm using IntelliJ Ultimate.  I'll see if I can find something related over there and update accordingly.


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FYI: I tracked it down to this setting:


added to:

src/main/resources/  (or elsewhere in your environment)

For reference, found in this thread: 


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