How to set default highlighting level to Syntax for the current project, and all projects to come


I'm looking for a solution to set default highlighting level to Syntax for the current project, and all projects to come.


The "inspections" feature is great but completely destroys my workflow. Its slow, tedious and lagging my entire PC.

CPU usage is fine but its still lagging everything and it makes a terrible workflow.

PC is a new Surface Book 2 with 16GM Ram and 8th gen i7 4 cores CPU so the problem is definitely not it (I also had this issue with other PC's).


Hi there,

"File | Settings for New Projects..." -- you can configure (disable all/unwanted) inspections there. New future projects will use those settings.

For current project -- same at "File | Settings" ("PhpStorm | Preferences" on macOS).

P.S. Highlighting level is a per file option and AFAIK cannot be applied to a folder/whole project.



Nothing really helps.. disabling inspections are just making stuff a bit more bearable.. Isn't there a REAL solution for those performance issues? I see reports and complaints about it everywhere, for years...


It may depend on your code, project size,presence of specific files etc.

For me, for example, it works OK on those projects that I have tried (Windows 10, 16GB, HDD (project files are there), Intel Core i5-3470 -- quite old...)

I suggest using "Submit a Request" link at the top of the page to create support ticket and provide performance data and other info there. The support team can then give you better answers on what exactly might be going on in your specific case (it could be some plugin interference, specific files problems etc etc).


As Andriy points out you must be having a very specific issue that needs trouble-shooting. I'm using PhpStorm at home to full power in a 4+ years old PC with 8 GB of RAM and it's all pretty smooth and I also used the program at work for a while in a crappy ancient piece of junk with less than 4 GB and it was totally usable (save for startup time).


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