Discontinuous file selection in Pycharm project view

How do I make a discontinuous selection of multiple files in PyCharm's project view (MacOS 10.5+ keymap, MacOS Mojave, Apple Magic Mouse), say to select two file to compare, etc.  I can extend a selection with Shift-click, but there doesn't seem to be any way to select one file, then click on another arbitrary file to include it in the selection?  The  MacOS standard for this is Cmd-click, which does not work in PyCharm.  I couldn't seem to find any documentation covering this, and trying various other keyboard modifiers didn't work.

It did seem like Ctrl-click (which is the Windows way) might have been trying to do this (once or twice I seemed to briefly see the selection being added to), but Ctrl-click is a MacOS system-wide alternative for the right-click context-menu feature, and the context menu would immediately pop up for (only) the newly clicked file.

How would one make a discontinuous selection of files in the project window on MacOS.  Shouldn't PyCharm be mapping this to Cmd-click?


After doing a little more playing around, it seems that this requires a Cmd-doubleclick, not the normal Cmd-click.  Is the doubleclick requirement some quirk of the IDE being based on Java instead of native or something?  Is this documented anywhere?  I don't think I've seen this selection behaviour in any other MacOS program.


Hi David,

Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce this behavior. Cmd+LeftMouseButton allows to select multiple files in the project tree with only a single click on each file. The issue seems to be isolated to your environment so far.

As I understand, the issue is reproduced only in PyCharm, and you can select multiple files in your file browser or any other program with no issue?

Just to be sure, please go to Plugin settings and try to disable all installed plugins, let me know if anything changes.


It's very strange, the weird Cmd-click behaviour is on my home Mac (and only in PyCharm), but when I tried it on my similar Mac setup at work, Cmd-click  works as expected.
I'll try and narrow down possible causes on my home machine as soon as I have a chance.  


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