Is it possible to disable TODO tasks for .txt files?



I've tried to remove a txt file from showing up in the tasks list because it is a text file in spanish and it happens that "todo" in Spanish is a real word, so I have searched and tried to disable detecting TODOs in files with .txt extension, but I found nothing.


I don't think there is a plugin for that.


PyCharm has 476 TODOs in my project only because of that.

Please, help.

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There doesn't seem to be a way to disable TODO lookup based on the file's extension, but you can change the todo mask in **File | Settings | Editor | TODO**

For example you can enable "case sensitive" and use only upper case TODO, or you can change "todo" to something else, like "note" or "reminder" or "to-do"

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Thanks. I'm doing that.


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