Table names are shown as results when I use search for classes window

When I search for classes (ctrl + n) I receive a lot of hints regards my databases sources. What's more these results are always on the first place before my real classes. Is that correct behaviour and is it designed to work like that? Is there way to ignore them?



If you're expecting other, more relevant results to show up first - please attach a screenshot that would illustrate this.


I need to see models and controllers contains for example word "reservation". Below is a screenshot for first page with results.

After 7th click on more I finally get at the end what I wanted


All in all in searching for classes I was expecting to get results only for classes from my code. If I need to find a table in database I just search for it in the Database tab. Or maybe use search everywhere option. From my point of view a database table isn't a class per se.



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