Trying to attach a scratch file to an email, can't find it in Finder

I created a scratch file named whatever.txt, put some formatted debug in it, now I want to attach it to an email to send to somebody, so I right-click the file tab and select Copy Path, which is like /Users/dave/Library/Preferences/PhpStorm2018.3/scratches/thing/whatever.txt

When I click the paperclip in my email compose, Finder pops up, yet I have nowhere to paste the path, pasting it in the Search box doesn't find it, and clicking my username on the left side of Finder shows no Library folder...

I'm confused, I don't know how to attach scratch files from PHPStorm because either the folder they're in are inaccessible to Finder or Finder is just inadequate for finding files in something as elementary as my Library folder.

If this is a Finder/Mac issue, can someone at least explain why scratch files are put in the Library folder as opposed to somewhere more accessible?

Yes I know I can copy and paste the text to a new file in another program (or in my project folder which is annoying); that's not the point. I don't see why scratch files should be inaccessible by Finder.


"Navigate | Select in ... | Select in Finder" (I guess that's how it will look on Mac)

It will open currently edited file location in your system file manager (Finder).


It's actually Reveal in Finder on Mac:

So, that's good for bringing it up in Finder, which lets me drag and drop it from there to email, but why is the file hidden in Library to begin with? I still can't select it as an attachment from email.


I guess it has the same reasons why C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData folder is hidden on Windows -- it's for apps to store their stuff there and not for users to go and view/edit/do anything with files.

Possible solution for you -- add Library (or whatever that hidden folder is) as a Favourite (not sure how it's called on Mac). Basically, add it so it's visible as a shortcut in your Finder so it's easy to access it from anywhere. Not a Mac user and cannot offer you a better suggestion (unless you can make that folder visible somehow -- it's possible on Windows).


"not for users to go and view/edit/do anything with files" - but... I already view and edit the files in PHPStorm. Not sure how this justifies them being in a hidden folder.

I'll try making a shortcut to Library, but I'm still curious why the files are hidden.


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