Pycharm interpreter path seing non-sensical files & folders


I'm using a virtual env for a project. Works great until I want to import matplotlib.pyplot. I get the tkinter error.

Hmmm okay. So I find tkinter folder on my computer (with find, on linux). So it's at /usr/lib/python3.7 (which is my interpreter). In that directory there are actually very few files & folders (actually only folder), as evidenced by ls -a:

fv@FV-DEKKO-FV5:/usr/lib/python3.7$ ls -a
. .. distutils lib2to3 lib-dynload tkinter


So I'm thinking - well I'm just going to add that to the path so my interperter will now find it. Surprise - all I get is all that non-sense:



Those things arent' actually in that folder - no even close. If I just copy the path from Pycharm into a command line and ls -a it, I still of course get the previous output - just the 4 folders are present.

What gives?

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Please open python console from PyCharm, do the import there, and paste the full error output.


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