Plugin update page missing text area for change details

I was going to upload a new version of my plugin today and noticed that the text area field into which you enter change notes/details is missing. I filed a bug with JetBrains much earlier today, but I haven't heard anything back from them. Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

Official comment

It has been decided to remove this field from the upload page due to the plugin.xml file already contains the description of changes. You just need put the text of changes between <change-notes> tags.

Thanks for the response, Lidiya. Up until now I've maintained a running list of change notes in the plugin.xml file with the most recent at the top of that list. That way you can see not only what has changed in the most recent build, but across all recent builds. Then I would add the change notes for the specific build when uploading it for the plugin page and the RSS feed. It sounds like it won't work that way any longer? You can/should only maintain the latest change notes in the least assuming you don't want a growing list of changes on your plugin page and in the RSS feed?

Is that a correct understanding of this change? If so, is there no good/integrated way to have a longer-running set of change notes?


It's not a good solution to have two different fields for change notes, one on the site and another in the plugin.xml descriptor. It's not clear in which case what is used.

Yes, you are right and there is no possibility to have a short and a long description of changes at the same time. In the near future, we are not going to support this feature, unfortunately.  One of the solutions may be adding the link on the full changelog, for example, you can see this in BashSupport plugin.


Sounds good, Lidiya. Thanks again for following up!


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