Building an Electron application with latest Webstorm?

I don't usually use Webstorm so sorry if this is a stupid question. I want to build a cross-platform desktop application using Electron. I'm currently using the latest version of Webstorm (2018.3), but there does not appear to be a project template for an Electron application. What settings do I need to configure to be able to build an Electron desktop application in Webstorm?

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WebStorm can't provide starter templates for all existing frameworks (and their combinations). You can create a new electron project from scratch using File / New / Project, Empty project, and then populate it using instructions at If you like to have your project pre-populated with some stuff, use New / Project / Yeoman to generate project stub with generator-electron Yo generator. Or, just create a project outside of WebStorm by cloning one of dozens starter apps available on the web (,, etc.) and then open the project folder in IDE via File / Open.


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